Bibliography Of Life (BOL)

Bibliography of Life

The Bibliography of Life (BoL) is a contribution towards building a reference bibliography for biodiversity with direct citable, open access to digital object of bibliographic references. 



Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR)

A community to share publications related to bio-systematics. The goal is to provide open access to publications cited in publications or in combination with scientific names a digital object identifier (DOI) to enable citation of the publications (read more

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RefBank is a website where you can search for bibliographic references. No registration is required (everyone can upload and edit). Results can be converted in different styles and formats. It serves as the “dirty bucket” of references and source for “clean buckets” such as the references in the Biodiversity Literature Repository

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ReFindit provides an easy search function, based on a simple interface, which also collates and sorts the results from the search engines for presentation to the user to read and with the option to refine the results presented or submit a new search.

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